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The left side of the brain deals primarily with the analytical functions. It works in conjunction with the right side too. Some people will be more active in this part of the brain than others and will perhaps be more analytically based and perhaps drawn towards activities such as puzzles, be good at maths, solving technical issues,science etc. Musicians playing from sheet music will be very active here too,  

The right side is the creative side and this is where all the imaging, and intuitive activity takes place connected with higher levels of cognizance.  We can see that some people are naturally more active in this area than others. Artists, composers and improvising musicians, story tellers etc. However, all of us use both sides of the brain. We are all different and we will gravitate towards what feels more natural for us as individuals. There is no right or wrong…. Only right and left.

Both sides of the brain work together as part of the team and pass information to each other.

How the brain and mind relate to our emotions
and the body’s functions

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The way the physical brain functions is enormously complex, and we still  only know a relatively small amount about this amazing organ of our body but piece by piece we are gaining new levels of understanding. I’ll try to keep the information here directly related to my area of work with the aim of highlighting some of the basic functions that affect our emotions, how we feel, what we believe, and how this affects the way we subsequently behave.

We can compare the brain to a very powerful computer, but instead of just electronic signals, our humancomputer produces electro-chemical signals to carry its information around the body. The brain is made up of billions of cells called neurons. The connections between these neurons send and receive billions of bits of information between each other, and are constantly changing. There are several sections within the brain that complement one another. We can break it down into different areas, a hard drive, motors, processors, memory and an operating system. Just like a computer, we add new software programs to deal with different applications in life. These are added to the system when we’re ready and are upgraded over time. As a baby, we have all the capacity ready and waiting to learn, with all the storage we need ready to absorb life’s new data. We learn the basic commands at first and as we grow, we get more and more able to use our computer skills over time. The brain is ‘plastic-like’ in nature which means it develops itself by learning through trial and error and is able to improve function from important earlier lessons and errors. It learns to recognise familiar data that recognises previously inputted information.  However, just like computers we are prone to the odd virus and things going array at times especially when we overload the system and  when we corrupt it with bad information. If we look at the two hemispheres of the brain we can see the difference between the activity in these areas.

Just like the computer, the brain needs a steady source of fuel to enable it to function in the first place and allow it to remain functioning. Imagine all the information in the computer is being sent to different systems of the body via a network of information highways , and that each tiny piece of information put into the computer is sent to its own local community, (organs etc) and with every individual community member being an individual cell in your body. The fuel processed from food water and air keeps the body alive is consumed and processed. Food is carried through the digestive system, air into the lungs  and into the blood stream and converted into its component parts to feed not just the brain but all the other organs of the entire body and their functions. Let’s refer to the brain as ‘Central Control’. In our control centre imagine there is a ‘boss’ and also a ‘head of security’. In an ideal world the brain is given all the best fuels in the form of a healthy and balanced nutritional diet, It functions best when it is stimulated with the right information. The brain is designed to be stimulated, excited and it develops further by being given challenges. However, it also needs to be given enough time to rest and recuperate from its complex tasks and busy daily schedule.

 When we receive sensory information via sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, it passes through an emotional filter in our brain called the Amygdala (a bit like a security guard at a checkpoint), which is located in the Limbic system of the brain. This information passes through another processor called the Hippocampus, which stores information from all our experiences and passes it to the left hemisphere of the brain. The Hippocampus is your ‘reference library’. If everything is fine at the checkpoint the security guard deems the experience to be ‘okay and is given the green light’. It can go through into the logical left brain & then gets filed away into the memory having been rated as ‘SAFE’. When we feel safe we produce a chemical neurotransmitter called seratonin which is the brain’s natural feel-good chemical. As long as this is happening we cope and function normally, dealing calmly with life’s challenges feeling motivated, active, and a general state of well-being is maintained.

   When incoming sensory information senses danger it becomes emotionally-charged. The security guard raises the alarm and the brain immediately reacts by sending an instant urgent message to the chemical factory (hypothalamus) to produce the  necessary adrenalin and cortisol to boost alertness and strength to the limbs and deal with the emergency. This is the ‘fight or flight mechanism’ in action. A larger than usual amount of the blood supply is redirected to the amygdala, at the same time depleting some of the blood supply from the more intellectually and rationally based pre frontal cortex (‘the boss’) until the danger has passed.  If  we are in a frequent state of stress at work, or constantly worrying about something for example, the amygdala still perceives this stress as a threat to survival, so this emergency mode is triggered again and again,and the whole body system can begin to suffer and deteriorate if left unchecked. The knock on effects are that we lose appetite because the emergency takes priority, our temper can flare the checkpoint becomes congested, and fuel supplies are restricted from getting through to the vital places.  Your super-fast subconscious mind (which processes 20,000,000 bits of information per second), has already learned that this scenario is associated with danger templates learned from real threats from the past, and the security guard, whose job is to be vigilant and look out for danger, has become over-vigilant and sent a false alarm signal to the emergency crew even before your slower conscious mind (a mere 40 bits per second) knows anything about it, or has had time to decide whether it’s actually a real threat or a false alarm. The digestive system struggles to function and only emergency crew  are allowed to pass through the checkpoint. This sensory information of ‘danger’ then gets stuck in the Central Nervous System in the right hemisphere of the brain. The ‘stuck’ information doesn’t get processed, it stays in the emotional (and the imaginative) mind and you feel the uncomfortable symptoms somewhere in your physical body, creating quite literally a state of  ‘dis-ease’.This is why it’s so important to de-stress , rest and recuperate sooner rather than later.

Sometimes we can all do with a bit of help to implement change. Using hypnosis along with other techniques, I am able to help induce a relaxed state of mind, to let go of unwanted negative emotional energy. By letting go of the fear based emotions we open the door to absorption of new positive suggestions. As we do, the chemical balance and energy in the emotional and physical system is restored and our consciousness sends out the right signals to the ‘field’. Imagine this to be like a private line connecting directly with the calm rational boss within the brain, and a harmonic resonance into the realms of consciousness, reducing  disruptive signal paths to the molecules within the body, the brain and the finer light encoded particles of the mind and the field of consciousness.

  Once this is started, it gains momentum and you can increasingly act upon these newly installed instructions from a calm and relaxed perspective. The chemical factory can now produce the seratonin once again and all the system’s traffic can now flow through to it’s correct destination and supply all the cells in the body communities with the right nutrients chemicals, signals and messages.

 There are approximately 55 trillion cells in your body. Every single one of them has a function that relies upon instruction and guidance via the brain, the mind and consciousness directly. That’s why it is so important to start with the right intentions, to think and maintain the right thoughts, create the right feelings, because every single one of those cells is listening intently, and responding precisely to the instructions within their environment. The environment determined by the boss of Central Control. Yes, the security guard and the emergency crew will still always be there to look after you….but only called upon when there is a genuine need.  So remember…. You have the ability to be in control, because you are your own boss!

A brief summary of the brain’s alarm system

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This is quite literally an infinite topic simply because consciousness as far as we know is infinite.  There are literally thousands of books, manuscripts, philosophies, going way back in history each giving their own interpretation of the meaning of consciousness, not to mention a whole host of web pages and youtube videos covering this subject in much detail. It is an impossible challenge to condense it’s entire meaning into a single article especially as in my view no human being, (which definitely includes me) has ever accessed complete knowledge of what consciousness is. What I would like to highlight here is how I believe consciousness affects us both positively and negatively and the importance of adjusting, or ‘tuning in’ to a frequency, or vibration of consciousness to influence our effect upon it, and it’s influence upon us.

 Brain function and consciousness are intrinsically connected. Consciousness is our expression of creativity, awareness, a sense of ‘being’, a means by which we connect with our own defining identify of ourselves, and within the greater scheme of things on a  universal energetic level. We have the ability to change our own reality by altering the expressions and perceptions of self and subsequently altering the perception of others towards us too. They go hand in hand. Have you noticed how some people seem to attract good fortune or bad luck. This to me is an example of the laws of attraction actively playing out within our consciousness condition as a natural response to creative expression. When we observe the effect of a magnet on iron filings we see how a shift in the position of the magnet changes the position of the filings within the magnetic field. Perhaps this is the easiest analogy of what happens when we shift our position within the ‘field’ of consciousness.

Let’s look at a simple example of what I consider to be consciousness at work on a day to day level. Have you ever walked into a crowded room and ‘felt’ the atmosphere? It is a strong natural sense that we all possess. The ability to know whether we want to stay and soak up the atmosphere, or leave immediately because of the feeling of unease that we sense. At the extremes, it can make the difference between having a great time or losing our life. Whatever it is, this energetic field is felt in the ether all around us, and within us. We instinctively pick up on ‘something’, whether it’s good or bad. We make some kind of connection with this unseen force or energy that permeates and manifests itself in people, material structures, air, water, plants, animals….. The list is endless, quite literally. We make the decision to stay or leave that crowded room by listening to that intuitive information. We listen to these messages all the time and perhaps may be better understood as feelings that are ‘heart-felt’. It’s that gut feeling, that inner knowing. We somehow read the energetic resonant imprint within every unseen particle in that space within each and every person we meet. It’s as though we somehow trigger an instinctive access to a file that provides us with information on which to feel and act. If we work with this flow then we have a sense of harmony, but if we work against the flow we can often regret ignoring that instinctive feeling.

  So the brain could be considered to be the ‘mechanical’ processor that enables us to make sense of the signals we ‘pick up’ and is our local encryption device that sends signals to the every part of our body to create the instinctive gut feeling. The mind on the other hand has a closer link with consciousness and could be considered to be ‘non-local’. In other words, the mind may be likened to a transmitter and receiver of subtle energy signals in the ‘field’ ‘matrix’ ‘ether’ or whatever label we wish to give it. It is subtle,yet powerful, and we use it all of the time in so many ways. So let’s imagine that the mind as part of a greater network of energetic particles of energetic matter constantly interacting and making subtle connections on a universal quantum level with no limits or boundaries as far as we know.

  When we look at anything and everything, whether it is an innate material object, or living organism, every single thing without exception is made of matter with the very same atomic and sub-atomic particles held in their form vibrating at specific frequencies at a specific density. It’s exactly the same throughout the entire universe, even in the vastness of space. Some things are hard, some are soft, liquid, gas, or ethereal. The form of anything changes it patterns of movement and behaviour when influenced by particular elements. For example, wood turns to heat gas smoke and ash when burned, water turns to steam when exposed to enough heat or turns to ice when cooled. Nothing disappears, but it does re-arrange it’s form. The arrangement of atomic structures alter, their vibrational rates change. Consciousness operates on the subtle ethereal level and as we use our freewill and intention to activate the powerful force of our creative mind, this process simultaneously stimulates the physical brain and all of the cells within our bodies. The outcome of this combination literally changes our form and our perceptions of the world around us depending on the original intent. Intentions and thoughts manipulate consciousness. Harmonic thoughts resonate at a higher level of consciousness, whereas negative thoughts resonate lower. When we change our thoughts our own atomic particles throughout the body vibrate at different frequencies and the electrons behave differently too. These changes affect the feeling of our consciousness. Our body operates better or worse depending on our attunement.The body likes to resonate with the higher levels so it functions effectively. Consciousness is so fine and subtle that we cannot see it or touch it but we know it is real nonetheless.

 The lives we lead are affected by our immediate physical environment, our home, our family, the town, region and country (cultural consciousness)  in which we live, and we are influenced by this collective consciousness at every stage according to that environment. Think of the difference between the energy in a busy city troubled by violence and a village in the mountains of Tibet. They are literally worlds apart. One living by the trappings of materialism and competition and one living by collective community values connecting with a more natural cultural and spiritual awareness with love for one another. This does not mean however, that someone living in the city cannot or does not have awareness of, or access to a higher level of consciousness in order to raise their own vibration. As someone who lived and worked in London for many years I know how easy it was to get sucked into the mass of chaotic energy that surrounded me. Sometimes I became stressed and angry, and lo and behold stressed and angry people were more easily attracted to me. I feel that this was a result in my participation in that collective anger. As often as possible l used to regularly jump on the train and head out on my own to a remote spot to camp out in the countryside for the weekend next to a river or deep in the woodland to reconnect with the energy that nature has to offer. I participated with a different and natural energy and I would return feeling balanced and refreshed within myself.

Meditation is a wonderful practise that enables a method of tuning out from the more chaotic nature of frequencies prevalent in the busy modern world, and with regular practice, helps to promote and familiarize higher levels of consciousness within ourselves. We as humans are able to change our energetic signature both individually and collectively within any environment and we benefit our own and each other’s progress and quality of life when we attune to frequencies that help this signature change to occur, whether we do that through meditation or sitting by a river.

  If  we continue to overlook our own potential by continuing a cycle of negative thoughts we succumb to that engagement by producing our own negative energy thereby limiting ourselves during that time, and by doing so we affect our mind body and our emotions and prevent a connection with our higher levels of our own, and indeed our collective consciousness as a species, both locally and universally. But all of us without exception have the ability to change from negative to positive, and that always starts with intent. There is little doubt that the brain functions at it’s best when we consciously move away from negativity, even if we still remain physically in an environment which has much negativity within it. We can choose to access and use our own freewill to connect with these positive higher levels of our consciousness. Once we get into a regular habit of engaging with positive energy we reduce and eliminate previously stored negative templates and our lives automatically benefit on every level mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We then project better energy outwardly and we attract better energy towards us.

In the 21st century, we are undoubtedly bombarded with many additional interferences. Just think of the sheer amount of radio waves, microwaves, and other electromagnetic fields from all the billions of computers and mobile devices now flying through the atmosphere, as well as the amount of negative messages we get from television. All of these factors have some effect on our subtle conscious minds. It is therefore so important to balance and maintain our own equilibrium in amongst this frenzy of signals. So where is the evidence for all of this? For starters I would strongly recommend reading ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ by Masuru Emoto who clearly demonstrates the difference between negative and positive effect of intention, anger, love, kindness, hatred, thoughts, music, meditation, prayer on the crystals found in water. I have included  videos at the foot of the page. Bearing in mind that the human body comprises of around 70% water this book is a revelation regarding the power of thought and is very significant to why hypnotherapy and energy therapies can be so beneficial in the process of change.

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