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Clients’ comments

“Hi Paul. Very happy to provide you with some feedback. Quite simply the sessions I spent with you changed my life. I have been able to self calm, stay out of my panic mode and visualise what I really want for myself. I am at college, and achieving great things. As a result of your help I am able to focus and clear my mind when I have lots on my mind and this has been an absolute blessing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you this and keep up the good work. Very best wishes” T.B.

“I thank  you for your help and support and if I need you again I would always come to you and no one else,as I found you to be the best.” T.D

The hypnotherapy has helped on so many levels.  Helped 'let go off stuff.'  'Feel better in myself.'  'Realise I am a good person.' 'Coping with day to day life.'  'Not get stressed-helped me talk more rather than bottle stuff up.'  'Helped me communicate better in all my relationships.'

Learning the tapping as a coping strategy.  Listening to the cd's.”  A.G

“I loved my hypnotherapy sessions with you and always found them a most relaxing and profoundly healing experience.  I also found the MR (Matrix re-imprinting) really interesting and suprised how quick it got to the root of the issue without lengthy counselling or retraumatising.  Thank you for the help you have given me, you are a very talented and compassionate therapist and I often recommend you to friends and my own clients “.  Score = 10! D.F.

"I had an ongoing issue with my lifestyle that needed addressing but had never wanted to pursue hypnotherapy. Having met with Paul I found his approach totally different than I expected and the main thing for me was the easy relaxed approach. Paul quickly identified my best treatment put me totally at ease and as a result I have since found tremendous benefits from my time with Paul. I would recommend to anyone that has the slightest hesitation to talk with Paul who I know will provide the best solution and way forward. My issues have virtually disappeared and as a result my quality of life has improved letting me enjoy things I would have had problems with previously" A.F.

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“Thanks Paul. I have no idea what happened but after our third session things really changed. The flight was a success. No symptoms whatsoever. It was one of the best flights I have done.” J.J.