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3,4,& 5 are all on the bone of the eye socket.

Start by either tapping on the at the Karate chop  point (KC) or by rubbing on the sore spot.

The EFT Tapping Points

Here is an example of a simple set up phrase. It is said while tapping on the KC point or rubbing on the sore spot. This is best spoken out loud.

“Even though I have this fear in my stomach I deeply love and accept myself”

The emotion may of course take on many forms and descriptions. Some examples are fear, tension, anxiety, a ‘sickly feeling’, self doubt, sadness, rage, regret, a feeling of confusion, etc. Some people have trouble saying the phrase “I deeply love and accept myself “, so if you prefer you can use another positive phrase instead such as ”I’m a good person”, “I am strong” etc. Perhaps you may be having trouble describing exactly how you actually feel, so use words that still apply to that unidentified feeling. For example you might say;
“Even though I don’t know what I’m really feeling right now I am able to let it go and I can accept myself anyway”.

We can also add to the detail and depth of the set up phrase. There may be particular situation that triggers an uncomfortable feeling, like making a speech in front of an audience, going on an aircraft so include these details, or you may instinctively feel that there is some colour, shape, or material (metal, concrete, barbed wire, mud, electricity, fog etc) that somehow helps symbolize, identify and represent the emotional feeling. Add any of these into your set up.  The characteristics that come to mind may seem quite bizarre at times… Don’t worry though, as we all have our own individual ways of abstract representation of our emotions. (This is actually your subconscious mind at work so just go with your own instinct). After adding some detail, the set up phrase may now read something like this

Example 1
“Even though I have this fear made of red barbed wire in my stomach when I think about flying, I  deeply love and accept myself”  

Example 2
“Even though I have this heavy black lead weight of sadness in my heart, I’m a good person anyway”  

(Repeat the set up phrase x3).

Now decide on your initial set up phrase. Write it down on a piece of paper if it helps you.

Gauge how intense the feeling is as you tune into it; 10= high intensity 0= no intensity. Start by either tapping with a couple of  fingers on the Karate Chop Point (KC) or rubbing on the sore spot (No.1 in the diagram) while saying out loud your set up phrase. Keep constantly tapping while you repeat the set up phrase three times.

The reminder is an abbreviated version of the content taken from the current set up. This follows the set up. It can be dynamic and flexible, so again, feel free to ‘go with your instinct’. Say the reminder phrase while tapping from point no. 2 at the top of the head and then working your way down the face, body, thumb, and fingers to point 14 and then back to point 2 for the next round. Don’t worry too much If you miss a tapping point, just go back to it or go to it next time around.

Examples (say one phrase for each point as you tap on them)

“Barbed wire in my stomach” or “Fear in my stomach” or “All this barbed wire” “ red fear” “getting on the plane” etc


“Heavy lead”, “black weight in my heart” or “Black weight” ,“All this sadness” ,“ Sad blackness” etc

Now decide your reminder phrases. Write then down on a piece of paper if it helps.

Remember  to be aware of the intensity of  the feeling  at the start (0-10) , and how it lessens as you progress, and keep tapping on the reminder points until you have felt a significant shift.

 If after a few rounds the feeling is less intense but still there, do a fresh set up x3 for example;

“Even though there is still some  of this fear in my stomach I love and accept myself” etc
(followed by a few more reminder rounds).

If you find that any components of the feeling have changed or the feeling has now shifted to another part of your body completely, do another set up (x3) with the new feeling, location, colour, material, shape etc while tapping on the KC. (This shift of location is your body’s way of telling you the emotion is starting to shift. Some deeply embedded emotional blocks may have been there for a very long time, so be patient, allow your body to undo what it needs to. Work with each layer, one at a time). In EFT this is known as ‘chasing the pain’.

After each set up (KC x3),  do another few rounds of your reminder (points 2-14) related to the most current set up wording,  until the intensity has lowered to a comfortable level or has disappeared altogether.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
& Matrix Reimprinting

The “Even though” (The acknowledgement) is the 1st slice of bread.

 “I have this fear” (The emotion and its location) is the filling in the sandwich,

“I deeply love and accept myself” (the positive ending) is the 2nd slice of bread

Think of the set up phrase as being a sandwich.

 EFT is a tapping technique that can help to reduce and remove unwanted negative feelings. It is energy based, and can be used on a wide amount of human emotions. It works wonderfully alongside hypnotherapy and I would encourage everyone wanting to change an emotional issue to learn and use EFT, regardless of whether you come to see me in my practice or not. Emotional energy is very real and powerful, and it’s transmitted in and around our bodies. Emotional energy can help us or hinder us, depending on its characteristics. EFT works by tuning into the energy being carried through the body’s meridian system. The practice of Chinese acupuncture has been working with the meridians for many centuries. We use some of these same meridian points in EFT, but instead of using needles, we tap on them while speaking particular words relating to our emotions. It is a simple, yet effective system. The general rule in EFT is “Try it on everything”. The guidelines I am giving here are for those who have yet to use it, and for my existing clients who may need a little assistance remembering the tapping points and the methods used. The techniques shown are for guidance and should not be used as a replacement for any current treatment without first seeking professional advice.

‘The practice of Chinese acupuncture has been working with the meridian system for many centuries.’

After you have reached a point where you feel satisfied that the negative feelings have reduced enough for now or gone completely, stop tapping. Now we move on to the next phase. This is called Heart Math. Making sure you are sitting or lying comfortably, breathe in a slow rhythmic pattern, with your right hand placed directly over your heart area and imagine you are breathing a warm, soothing, and comforting energy into your heart.  Breathe in slowly through your nose for a count of six, and then breathe out again slowly through your mouth. Visualise something or somewhere nice. It can be an imaginary place, or a real place or situation you are familiar with. Choose something  or somewhere that you associate with total relaxation and peace, perhaps a beach you have visited , being tucked up in bed, or being close to a loving pet for example. It’s up to you. Remember, breathe slowly in and out, breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth. When you think of your own ‘haven’, use the power of your vivid imagination to engage with all your senses in this place. So for example if your’ haven’ is a beach, use your sense of vision in your mind’s eye to see the colour of the sea, the movement of the waves, the clouds in the sky, the colour of the sand and the sun glistening on the surface of the water, Use all your other  senses too.  Breathe in the unmistakable aroma of the beach, taste the sea air, hear the sound of the ocean and listen to the birds in the sky, feel the warmth of the sun ,and  the gentle breeze on your skin, Perhaps you can imagine the sense of touch as  you pick up some dry sand and let the grains run through your fingers. Go into as much detail as you can as you tune into your scene, and send this calm relaxing feeling deep into your heart. There may be  a special colour  of light  that  you can draw towards you that associates naturally with this feeling of calmness  helping to strengthen this sensation. See that colour clearly in your mind. Perhaps you may like to imagine yourself supported in an orb made of this coloured light. Imagine now,  a flow of this light energy being sent to every cell of your entire being  as you breathe this energy into your heart and all around your body…..

Now as you connect with this new energy, send that same light and energy out towards everyone in your life, your home, people you know and love, as well as people you have yet to meet. Feel this energy now expanding out to the furthest reaches of our planet, and beyond out into every part of the universe.

Remember these are very basic instructions for using EFT and Heart Math on yourself.  If you feel uncomfortable about anything, then stop immediately. This information is only given to you as a guideline. If you feel that you need some more help you can call me on 01769 574711 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and we can arrange an appointment for a session either in person or via skype. You can email me with any questions at newlifehypnotherapy@hotmail.co.uk.


I cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen emotional issues that may surface while you are tapping on yourself. You are responsible for your own safety while using the techniques on your own. Do be aware that deeper emotional issues can sometimes surface as you tap on yourself which may need further supervised sessions with me. If you are unsure whether to use this technique, please take professional advice before proceeding.

Heart Math  

The Reminder

The Set up

 Before you start tapping, hydrate yourself by drinking a glass of water!  Tune into the feeling or emotion that you want to change, and try to notice where any physical feeling relating to it is currently located in your body when you think of that emotion. Try to identify as best you can your own  description of the emotion, how it feels, when and where  you tend to feel this feeling, and then personally adapt the first part of the technique which is known as the ‘set up phrase’  according to your own needs).


The Sore spot is in among the group of chest muscles in this area. Apply pressure using a finger or thumb to locate it. You will know when you have found it. Hence, it’s name!

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is an extension of EFT using exactly the same tapping points. However, during a one to one session, the main difference is that (with your consent) I will be tapping on you, on each of the tapping points on the chart below (with the exception of the under arm point. Instead of using that point I will tap on the inside of your wrist. This is a meeting point for a number of meridians and is less intrusive for you). At the same time I am tapping, you will in turn also be tapping on the same points on an image (of you) in your mind at the time of a significant earlier memory (a ‘younger you’) relating to a negative emotion or trauma that we are working on at the time. This younger you is referred to as your ‘echo’. Matrix reimprinting was developed by Karl Dawson (see video), one of only 29 EFT masters in the world, with whom I trained. MR is a method which can help to reduce and remove unwanted emotional content from both the recent and distant past including pre-conscious memory from birth to 6 years. You may be more consciously aware of recent traumas and upsets as they are fresher in the memory but long term trauma is held in our memory field (The Matrix) of the sub-conscious mind. The knock-on effects of these longer term events affect our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us in our every day life. Using EFT & MR doesn't erase any memory but allows you to reframe the memory ,enabling a ‘freeing up’ from the disruptive negative emotions previously attached to that memory.  By releasing the emotions you can allow new positive thought pathways and feelings to open up without being emotionally restricted by the trauma of a past event. Matrix Reimprinting is relatively new but already it is recognised as an valid & powerful extension to EFT. This is a simple yet fascinating area of resolving human emotional conditions and the results can often be profound and life changing. Many of my clients have been astounded just how quickly the emotional content relating to specific events can change using these techniques. I find that both these techniques work seamlessly alongside hypnotherapy. Very often, your EFT & MR sessions will involve hypnosis at the same time whereby I use my hypnotherapy skills  to gain the maximum benefit for the client.

Matrix Reimprinting  


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