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Frequently asked Questions

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What sort of things can hypnotherapy help?

Can I be hypnotised?

Can I be made to do things I wouldn’t normally do?

How long does each session last?

How many sessions will I need and how often?

Is there a minimum age for a client?

What if I can’t wake up from hypnosis?

Is there disabled access at the clinic?

Do you do home visits?

What if I’m on medication?

What if I’m currently receiving other  psychiatric help or counselling elsewhere?

How many sessions will I need?

That really depends on the individual as we will all respond uniquely even to exactly the same stimulus but as a general guide, a single stop smoking session is enough in the vast majority of cases, whereas phobias such as spiders, flying etc usually range between 3 and 5 sessions. Longer term issues such as depression and anxiety can be more complex in nature and therefore may need more in the region of 5-10 sessions but depending on the nature and initial cause of the emotion may sometimes be resolved in surprisingly few sessions. I wish I could give a more accurate figure but it would be unrealistic to give a fixed number in advance of treatment. As a therapist, it is very important not to ‘under-treat’ a client when more sessions are actually required. Therefore I will always allow my clients to gauge their own progress themselves. After all, you know how you feel better than anyone else. So if you do decide to have a course of treatment, I ask that you make a commitment to yourself to see it through to the point of complete resolution and not to expect a magical ‘quick fix’. As hypnotherapy is a process rather than just a single event.

Do you do home visits?

On occasions where travel is not possible due to a disability or illness, or a client cannot climb a flight of stairs I will consider a home visit although this will usually incur an extra charge for time and distance. Please call me to discuss your situation on 01769 574711.

Is there a minimum age for a client?

There is no minimum age as such, but the NCH guidelines require that any client under the age of 17 should be supervised by a parent or responsible adult during the sessions. The only other criteria is that a child should be of an age whereby an decent understanding of the meaning of straight forward language is reached. As a guideline the youngest child I have successfully treated was 5 years old.

Can I be made to do things I wouldn’t normally do?

No. You remain in control at all times throughout the session. You are able to speak to me, answer questions that I may ask you, and if anything is becoming uncomfortable at any time you just bring yourself out of the light trance. Hypnotherapy in the clinical environment is for therapeutic purposes only and I simply help you to achieve what it is that you wish to achieve.

Cancellation conditions.

All appointments are subject to a minimum 24 hours cancellation policy for either cancelling or re-arranging. There is no charge for cancellation with this amount of  notice. If you have paid in advance but fail to attend without notice, your money is non refundable. We reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full if no notification is received. All cancellation notices must be received via telephone or E-mail at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time.  Please note that an initial consultation is no longer free. This now incurs a full 55 pound session fee and needs to be paid in advance via the website fees page before your appointment is confirmed. This is also non refundable if you fail to show up without reasonable notice.

What if I cant wake up from hypnosis?

Don’t worry about this because everyone always wakes up from a hypnotic trance. If you do happen to go into a deep sleep then you will wake up in the same way that you wake up in the morning from a deep sleep at night. It has never been known for anyone to get ’stuck or lost in trance’. Once you have fully awakened then you can go about things perfectly normally.

Is there disabled access at the clinic?

There is now a stair lift at the South Molton Clinic (Maximum weight 120kgs). Barnstaple has no disabled access. In certain circumstances it may be possible to arrange home visits but this will incur a reasonable extra charge for travel time and costs. Alternatively I will endeavour to find a suitable alternative therapist in your area.

Please call me to discuss this on 01769 574711

What if I’m on medication?

Most of the time this will be fine but you are advised to contact your doctor directly in order to verify whether he or she feels hypnotherapy would be an appropriate therapy in conjunction with your medication at this time. It is not uncommon for hypnotherapy clients to find that they can reduce their medication as the benefits of hypnotherapy increase, but as I will not give any advise about your current medication, this is a decision that is solely between you and your doctor.

Can I be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is simply a trance state which is something we all use all of the time in many ways. You dont have to fall asleep to gain the benefits of trance. If you do fall asleep, that's fine, but if you dont that's okay too. This is a common misunderstood perception of what a hypnotic state is all about, especially as the word ‘hypnos’ comes from the Greek word which means ‘to sleep’.

 It is true that some clients are naturally more resistant to hypnosis than others but everyone is able to use their imagination creatively whether in a negative or a positive way, whether it's to visualise a particular scene in their mind or imagine feeling a particular way. For example, if I said to you "Imagine you were sitting in a seat at a huge Stadium and the stadium begins to fill up with people come to watch a cup final" you would no doubt be able to do so (of course you pick where you sit). You automatically access your powerful creative mind to achieve this, whether you ‘visualise’ it or ‘feel’ it. This is a simple example of a light trance state. Of course, If we then added more details into the picture, such as "listen to the sounds as the crowd grows, look at the colours the supporters are wearing, now watch match game begins". You become more engaged as the details increase (And of course you have chosen which sport to watch). When we use this creative power to begin a process of creative thinking and apply it to you and the situation you want to change, and by using applicable suggestions, we are able to utilize the literally unlimited power of the subconscious mind to install new ideas and new beliefs and to focus your attention towards achieving your solutions rather than continuing to focus on problems.

  It may be that at first you find it hard to imagine certain positive visual images and feelings, but as the sessions progress, you’ll find that you’re more easily able to fine tune these initial ideas and focus more and more on applying and indeed expanding these positive concepts and belief systems into your daily life. However, it is true that on occasions, especially at the start of their treatment a client may find it extremely difficult to see themselves in anything other than their current emotional state, perhaps due to a lifetime of negative beliefs about themselves but this changes over time as I use a variety of techniques within the hypnotherapy domain and also referring to other techniques (EFT Emotional freedom technique) to help with inbuilt resistance. So if you feel that you may fall into this resistant category, please don’t let that put you off having some treatment. There are always ways around it.

What if I’m currently receiving counselling or psychiatric treatment elsewhere?

 I advise you not to have two different types of therapy for emotional issues simultaneously. If you are undergoing medical treatment through your GP I strongly advise you to consult with your Doctor regarding any changes to your current treatment programme.

How long does each session last?

  • An Initial Consultation usually last between 1 hr 15 mins and 1 hr 30 mins.

  • Single treatment sessions will be booked for 90 minutes. Usually a treatment takes 1 hour 15 minutes but the ninety minute appointment means that you are not rushed. This allows enough time for discussion relating to your treatment if needed.

  • A single smoking cessation session lasts for 2 hours after a brief consultation.

What sort of things can hypnotherapy help?

Here are just some conditions I have already helped previous clients with. If you don’t see your topic listed please call me for a chat to discuss your situation on 01769 574711. I comply strictly to advertising standards authority (ASA) & Committee For Advertising Practice (CAP) guidelines. Although I have successfully treated many people, please be aware that I cannot not guarantee success. Do be very wary of some therapists whose claims can be misleading with certain medical conditions such as depression, PTSD, cures for serious illness etc.

Stopping Smoking

Motorway driving


Eating problems

Sports performance

Pain Relief

Nervous habits

Anger issues


Public speaking

Sexual dysfunction

Stage fright

Hypno- birthing

Motion sickness

Studio nerves

Skin disorders

Bed wetting

Self esteem

Goal achievement


Weight Loss

Exam nerves

Interview confidence

General anxiety



Fears & minor phobias


Panic attacks

Let go of past trauma


Feelings of sadness

Emotional Issues


Social confidence

Visiting the dentist



Hospital phobias

Drug addiction