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Where will you go?

What are the odds?

Flying is an extremely safe way to travel. But if you do have a problem with flying, I can help you overcome your concerns. Approximately 1 in 6 people have some level of anxiety. Oddly enough, most of us use cars without thinking too much about the level of danger involved, and yet we usually travel by road because we choose to comfortably accept the risks involved are acceptable, so we just get on with it, even though road travel is statistically a much greater risk than air travel. However, something can happen when it comes to flying. We can overact and ignore the fact that it is incredibly safe statistically and allow ourselves to create a state of anxiety with negative thoughts, imagining  scenarios that may prevent us from going places we really want to go. When something is perceived as being dangerous the brain reacts as if the danger were real and you feel some level of fear as a result. With regard to flying, the rational part of the mind knows full well that modern aircraft are indeed amazingly safe when we look at the figures. Unfortunately, the subconscious mind has ignored facts, it has listened to false propaganda and learnt a false belief somewhere along the line based on extremely rare events and irrational emotions, rather than on actually looking at realistic evidence. The part of the brain that looks out to danger can become more and more dominant if left unchecked. This can eventually lead to a phobic response. For more information about this process click here.
  I have successfully helped clients completely overcome their fear of flying, by establishing a completely different perception about flying. Fears can be made up of varying components. For some, it’s more to do with the height aspect. For others it can be related to feeling claustrophobic. For others it can be related to being far away from home, going somewhere new and unknown. For other people it can be more to do with a misconceived idea that surely something as heavy as an aircraft cannot fly. Perhaps you have never flown before, or maybe you are a seasoned flyer who used to be okay but had a string of turbulent flights and just need to boost your confidence again. Whatever your reason, and however mild or severe, I can help you turn this around so that you can enjoy going away on your holidays or business trip. I realise that this condition really can have an adverse affect in your life. It may have already disrupted a planned trip with your family. It may well mean that you are holding your career back as a promotion would mean regular flights abroad, of it may have already cost you your job. Anything that is ‘fear based’ can also spread into other parts of life too. That’s why it’s so important to deal with these things sooner rather than later with professional help. For most people, three to four sessions are sufficient. I would recommend not to leave your sessions too close to your travel date before getting started. However, I have also helped clients in a very short space of time, but I do recommend the former option if at all possible.

Fear of Flying (aviophobia)

Something  to ponder….

How does a plane Fly?

Just imagine going anywhere you liked in the world, and really enjoy the whole process from start to finish - Looking through brochures, browsing websites but now no longer restricting  your holidays destination to the UK or somewhere only accessible by land or sea. Imagine that….  Anywhere on this beautiful planet.  Where will you choose to go? Just Imagine  that you have once and for all said goodbye to an old unwanted and false belief and you can now sit back, relax and enjoy your flight, the meals and drinks and the magnificent views.  This is something that has already happened to many of my clients.

What difference will that make to you? Perhaps you be taking a holiday with your family for the first time for many years. Perhaps you will visit a long lost relative who emigrated all those years ago.  What are you waiting for… Life is for living.

You can do this. Why not book now for a free no obligation, no pressure consultation.

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“Thanks Paul. I have no idea what happened but after our third session things really changed. The flight was a success. No symptoms whatsoever. It was one of the best flights I have done.”