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“This is the one that will kill you”

If you truly wish to give up smoking then you are on the right path to succeeding. As a former heavy smoker myself I know that it can be a daunting prospect thinking about quitting. But the good news is that it’s  really very easy once you approach it in the right frame of mind….

….However, many smokers just need that extra help to make sure of ridding themselves of this dangerous and often fatal habit. Those advertisers who portray ‘The Mighty Powerful Nicotine Monster’ don’t want you to stop using nicotine at all. Neither do e-cigarette manufacturers. All they want to do is sell you their product that still pumps that insecticide (nicotine) into your body through different methods. Patches, gum, inhalers etc. They don’t want you to know actually how easy it is to stop the nicotine habit. Stopping smoking is far easier than many people believe but of course sometimes we do seek that extra help with hypnotherapy to maximize your chance of staying on the pathway of continuing and permanent success.

Stop Smoking in a single session

For Life… Your Life!

An average smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day spends about £1,500 - £2,500 per year on their habit.

So if you have made the vital decision to stop why not invest just a tiny proportion of that amount into a single Hypnotherapy session and change your life for the better.

(Based on 2015 UK prices £100 is the average amount a smoker spends in just two or three weeks). Just think what you can do with all that extra money. Buy a new car perhaps? Book some fantastic holidays for you and your family?

Please watch these video clips.

 Book your appointment  right now and let me help you become free from this deadly habit. You’ll be so pleased to finally become a Non Smoker again….



Price Only

Stop smoking session

N.B. I cannot make the decision for you to stop. That must be made by you. But once the decision to stop has been made, then I can get to work by helping to tip the balance using powerful suggestive techniques to restore positive and rational thinking and to extend that positivity into many other areas of your life too!

A typical Anti-smoking session will last approximately two hours including a brief consultation. So why not book right now and change your life forever! You’ll be very glad you did. So will your family and friends.

Price £100.00 Please note that a minimum of £25 deposit is now required for booking your 2 hour appointment for smoking cessation. This is non-refundable in the event of Non attendance without a minimum of 24 hours notice. You may change your appointment time with more than 24 hours notice if you need to without affecting your deposit.

Did you realise that if you have smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 25 years, you will have smoked around 182,500 cigarettes. If you put all of them end to end they would stretch for about 12 miles. At current UK prices that would cost you around £64,000. To put that amount into a realistic perspective, if you had that amount of cash in your hand right now for example you could go out and buy a brand new
 Jaguar F type       

After paying your deposit, you can pay the balance on the  day of your session by cash or by cheque. Alternatively, click on the buy now button to pay via paypal. After a few seconds you will be redirected to the paypal site where you can complete your payment.

Are you dying for a cigarette too?

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And just in case you think that cars are a waste of money, stop and think about what a total waste of money tobacco is !

clearly written on it, and those words were true, would you still smoke it?

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Hypnotherapy  has  been  widely  recognised  for  a long  time now as an effective way of helping those wishing to stop using tobacco.  

We all know that smoking is a deadly habit and yet many millions of people still carry on doing it even though they know that they are harming their health and dramatically increasing the risk of diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, mouth cancer, and throat cancer amongst other conditions including Heart disease and Strokes, increasing the risk of suffering a slow, painful, and premature death upon themselves. Our logical adult brain is programmed for survival when we come to cross a busy road. We would not walk out in front of a lorry because we know the impact would be instant. . With smoking however, the damage happens gradually, so over time we have learned to over-ride the rational part of our brain over time to switch off from the real dangers of smoking and the child-like irrational part of the mind keeps taking a gamble, telling us to carry on.  Powerful Hypnotherapy is effectively applied to those willing to stop smoking or from using other nicotine products by accessing their sub-conscious mind  using language it clearly understands. Please take a look at these videos on the right. They contain graphic images that may shock you. If they persuade you to quit smoking without my help straight away, then that’s great, but if not then now is the time to give me a call to tip the scales in favour of becoming a non-smoker for good. Just like you used to be before that first ever smoke.

Before you leave this page, just honestly answer one simple question;
If the next cigarette in your packet had the words