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Regression therapy involves accessing deep memory while under hypnosis to help access particular information from a time in the past. It could be used for a number of reasons; but primarily it is to help find clarity regarding  those events.*

  Regression can relate to a broad range of topics. For example, It could be applied to simply help recall and retrieve information to find a lost object. It may also be useful to help unlock, release and resolve more complex emotionally repressed events from an earlier time of life (known as age regression) relating to something that still resonates in the present, such as psychological or physical abuse, rejection at a young age for example. Someone who has experienced past trauma often maintains a strong sense of denial of the events having ever taken place, usually as a means of protection, or because of the fear of processing the associated emotions. If a real life trauma remains unresolved, it may continue to be blocked out by the memory. Suppressed emotions can remain hidden and ‘locked away’ deep in the subconscious and may continue to affect someone’s life for many years. A course of regression therapy may be considered as an option to achieve clarity, resolution or to help ‘make peace with your past’, as part of a more detailed overall comprehensive therapy regime including Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), and / or  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix re-imprinting (MR).

  One noticeable difference with regressive hypnosis is the type of verbal interaction between client and therapist. With SFT sessions, the client is typically taken into a deep relaxed hypnotic state, during which, I do most of the talking to embed positive concepts using suggestions for the client’s benefit.

 Regression on the other hand involves some different aspects during the process. Clients are still hypnotised using similar techniques, but with more ‘two-way’ verbal communication taking place between client and therapist relating to memory recall during the trance process. This process may at times be emotional depending on the subject of the associated events in memory, but may help provide more clarity and understanding for some clients. An important point to consider here is that not all memories recalled are always accurate and correct.This is covered in more details in the next section.**

  Regression sessions can be recorded by various means using either audio or video if  required for an additional charge,. This will require advance notice, but written notes (not a full transcript) will be made during the process in any case for no extra cost. Copies of written notes will be available free of charge for clients to keep if requested.*  N.B. Video and audio copies incur an extra charge*.

There are a couple of areas I would like to comment on in particular, both of which are fascinating topics to say the very least.

Regression Therapy

 If there ever was a controversial topic, this is it!  Abduction by unknown beings, often referred to as ‘Alien Abduction’. Since the first reports in the 1950’s there have actually been many reports of abductions worldwide by beings believed to be from somewhere other than Earth. Even though these reports are still relatively rare, there are now said to be up to 2 million Americans alone who believe they have been contacted or abducted by aliens. In addition to those people, there have been people from other countries around the world including a growing number of UK reports claiming to have experienced similar events. The vast majority of these are made by intelligent ordinary rational people from all walks of life who have experienced extraordinary events. Most do not seek publicity, fame or monetary gain. In fact the opposite is true, with most shying away from attention about their experience. Their accounts are uncannily similar in the majority of cases, and for many, the abductions have been repeatedly happened starting from childhood right into their adult lives. Much research is being undertaken by eminent academics all of whom take the abduction subject very seriously. Many hundreds if not thousands of ‘experiencers’ have undergone regression hypnosis by reputable hypnotherapists and researchers, especially within the USA, to help recall and somehow make sense of their bizarre ordeals. It is certainly a topic prone to much ridicule and there are many people who have kept their own experiences a close secret for this very reason. Those who have ‘come out’ may have not only suffered  a great deal of inner torment and confusion trying to come to terms with the undoubtedly bizarre and often terrifying nature of the events, but those who have decided to tell friends or family have become victims of ridicule and alienation from those close to them as a result of their disclosure, let alone questioning their own sanity!  For those people from the many walks of life who have been through this undoubtedly traumatic ordeal, it is something that surely must be anything but trivial.

  I do fully realise and respect that many people will have a problem believing in the existence of UFOs, or the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but I do not consider it my place to dismiss the possibility. There are of course rational explanations for the majority of  UFO sightings. With the advent of computer software, there are many videos and photographs can be dismissed as hoaxes, but certainly not all of them. Other sightings are attributable to natural phenomena, such as weather balloons, blimps, satellites, and manmade vehicles from highly classified projects as was the case with the first sightings of the V2 stealth bomber.

As far as the abduction phenomena is concerned, some memories can originate from earthly explanations e.g. vivid dreams, sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis, media contamination such as sci-fi movies, or could be purely imaginary hallucination or simply a distortion of memory. However there is now so much tangible and well documented evidence from commercial and military pilots, air traffic controllers, and even NASA astronauts to support the existence of truly unexplained aerial phenomena. In view of this, I offer my services to provide professional, discrete, confidential and empathetic support if required for anyone wishing to investigate their own experiences further. I do require payment in advance for sessions relating to this particular topic as a way of filtering those who may wish to trivialise this service or wishing to be disrespectful of my time. I have included some videos and informative books on this topic below to impress upon you that this is a topic, which as a professional and respected therapist, I am prepared to take seriously when called upon. An important note that I must add is this: I do not have any personal agenda regarding this phenomenon, and I will remain absolutely objective with all cases. What I believe or don’t believe isn’t important, but how I can use my skills as a hypnotherapist to help my clients find clarity and play a part in improving the understanding of their own life events is of paramount importance to me.

   As far as I am aware, I am the among the first hypnotherapists in the UK to openly offer regression hypnotherapy for abduction investigation. This in itself is a fairly bold move on my part, and may well be considered ludicrous by some factions of my profession. However, it’s worth pointing out that clinical hypnotherapy as a profession was for some time dismissed by many, and struggled over many years to become recognised as a valuable therapy. It is now fully established and respected, by the majority of mainstream medical professionals, and by the millions of recipients who have absolutely no doubt of its contribution in turning their lives around. Being at the forefront of any new branch of a profession is often controversial, and of course does remain so until such a time as is proven to be worthy.

  Technological and scientific advances that are taken for granted nowadays such as the device you are using to read these words, were inconceivable only a couple of decades ago, as was the concept of powered flight only a century ago. In that time we have technologically evolved at an incredible pace. We hear more and more from the most eminent scientists such as Professor Steven Hawking who believe that there exist multi dimensional quantum universes and worm holes. At this very moment there are astronauts orbiting the Earth, there are machines exploring beyond the outer reaches of our solar system and a manmade probe sits on the surface of a comet. Imagine someone from just 100 years ago catching a glimpse of our world today. It would quite simply be beyond their comprehension. Imagine then, an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization perhaps tens of thousands of years, or even millions of years ahead of us technologically. If that is the case, then I for one, ask myself this. Would it be so inconceivable that they have developed a means of  travelling to Earth, and if so, why wouldn’t they want to investigate our planet teeming with life? After all, aren’t we as a species pursuing a similar goal?

The whole topic of past life existence has always been open to much debate. The concept of reincarnation can be acceptable for some, but considered very controversial or indeed totally unacceptable in some circles for a number of reasons according to their own beliefs. There are without doubt a number of recorded instances where people have been regressed to a past life and recounted intricate details of names, dates, places terrain, cultural information and events that are believed to have happened in a time before they were born into their present incarnation. In a very few cases, there have allegedly been instances of foreign languages being spoken whereas little or no knowledge of the language has been in place prior to the hypnotic regression. It has to be said that there doesn’t seem to be any rational or clear explanation in these cases as to how the information could have possibly been accessed unless the recipient had genuinely visited some previous life. These cases certainly are worthy of further research and involved discussion.

 **There are however some important aspects to consider which can account for inaccurate interpretation of information gathered during the regression process. One of the most important is known as ‘false memory’. This is when someone assumes that memory encounters are true accounts of a previous event. This could be several reasons. For example; Recall of recent or past dreams from sleep; Information gathered from history books and stories or news reports stored deep within the memory from adulthood or childhood; Films and TV programs watched; Radio plays heard, or just simply the creative imagination at work. This is especially relevant with PLR as it may be an attempt to justify or to piece together a relevant story to satisfy the need for proof to one’s self of the existence of past lives etc. Therefore, I would personally recommend that regression and PLR should be viewed with an very open mind and as such, any information gathered should not be taken to be unquestionable facts, but instead should be best interpreted initially as no more than a possible connection to a past event, whether during this life or a past life. Further investigation can then be undertaken as deemed appropriate by the client.

  There have been some occasions when clients have asked me to give PLR sessions in order to resolve issues and recurring patterns of behaviour in this life. Often PLR is perceived to be a way to provide all the answers to a problem or as some kind of magical quick fix method for current life problems. After further consultation however, I have suggested to some clients that particular problems may have arisen due to events that occurred earlier in their present life rather than those from past life experiences. Regression can still be used to help clarify an earlier event, and therefore the process of regression can still be used in some cases. Each case is taken on it’s own merit but I do not necessarily rule out the possible connection of past life events contributing to present life issues but I do not consider this as inevitable. Sessions can be recorded if required using audio or video equipment if requested for an additional charge. Any recordings made during a PLR session with me can be used to assist your own further research for your own curiosity.

Regression For Abduction Experiences

Past Life Regression (PLR)

Regression Therapy

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* Disclaimer. Please note that information gathered during regression should never be considered to be unquestionable truth. For example, if you suspect rape or physical abuse has occurred, the results from a hypnotic regression must not be considered admissible as legal evidence in a criminal or civil prosecution. It is purely to assist with emotional resolution of personal issues. I am not responsible for adverse or emotional reactions that may occur during the process of hypnotic regression. Clients are required to sign an agreement prior to regression.

The 1975 Travis Walton case is without doubt the best known case of Alien Abduction.

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