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This is where powerful therapy really does add a tangible benefit into the equation. It helps to manage this ‘flow’ using a productive combination of mind and body relaxation and present moment thinking. In other words - not dwelling on mistakes and errors and not being distracted by the prize. By applying a variety of techniques personally tailored to your needs, we can really strengthen the positive belief cycle and at the same time learn to be both relaxed and focused to aid your performance. No matter what your aims, whether it’s to improve your swing on the golf course at weekends, to play a more relaxed game of tennis at your local club, maximize your competitive skills on the highest professional level,  I can help you reach your targets. I will treat you equally whatever your aim.    

I am very pleased to be helping Katie Cox on her sporting journey. She continues to focus and work hard and I look forward to seeing her progress even further as a member of The England Shooting Team. Very well done indeed Katie.
  I have also helped others perform to their best in amateur tennis tournaments, martial artists needing to overcome their nerves at gradings and competitions. Of course, if we look at statistics, becoming the absolute best in the world in your chosen sport, is a rare occurrence and it’s unrealistic to think that hypnotherapy alone will make this happen. Being the very best and remaining the best in anything takes a passionate unyielding desire, total mental focus, years of practice, absolute determination, self belief, sacrifice, and of course being able to deal with, learn, and move on from inevitable errors along the way. It’s also perfectly okay to enjoy what you do, at any level.  

Let me help you reach your full potential.

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Paul has helped me gain my place in the Great BritainTeam by improving my focus and self belief a great deal over the past couple of years. I have really noticed my attitude becoming more and more attuned to the important and subtle aspects of my sport. I highly recommend Paul to both top level sports professionals and amateurs alike. Hypnotherapy definitely works
Katie Cox

Sports Performance

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   When we fully embrace positive thinking, we make  a strong connection with a  powerful belief that we can do something well,  and often we excel way beyond our original target. A feeling of confidence occurs. While we have that feeling flowing through our veins, any restrictive barriers that could hold us back from what we truly believe is possible are removed. This positive individual attitude has great momentum and tends to spread into other areas of life too. However, even when we have proven our ability to ourselves and to others, occasionally there can be periods when confidence and performance levels can diminish very quickly, perhaps after a run of mistakes, defeats, or poor performances. A nagging doubt creeps in. If this is reinforced by an unforgiving coach, intolerant team mates, or hostile supporters, it may prove to be very difficult to get your confidence back. That’s where I come in. Using powerful techniques I can help you reach your full potential and re-connect with your positive belief system.

The people I have helped with their sports performance include those playing sports on a serious competitive level and those taking part for purely for recreation, pleasure and keeping fit. Whatever your level, reaching maximum performance is usually a just matter of getting into ‘the zone’ whereby performance is enhanced by releasing unwanted tension, anxiety and negative beliefs. With this more positive & relaxed approach to your game, clear thinking and a natural ‘flowing focus’ can occur. I work closely with my clients to explore exactly where and when problems tend to arise, and then having identified what needs to change, we use the power of hypnosis to access the deeper level of the sub-conscious mind to re-program the mind away from negative thoughts and into the positive ‘solution focused’ mode. By setting a series of realistic and achievable short term goals, we can enable a powerful process of change to occur, which in turn helps realistic longer term goals become more likely, as you allow your self-belief to gather strength and momentum. Of course, the discipline of regular physical training is essential for success, but the vital mind preparation must not be overlooked. By breaking the various aspects of your game into manageable bite size chunks we can help avoid the pitfalls and distractions of looking solely at the ‘top of the mountain’, when in fact the equally crucial tasks of finely tuned mental rehearsal and visualisation allows you to see the best route to the summit. By all means have the dream of reaching the summit clearly in your mind…. but don’t let it be just a dream. So it is vital therefore to set about making a plan so all the components of both mind and body can work together in order to make the dream become reality.

I realise that not everyone reading this will be a professional sports person looking to win Wimbledon, The Champions League or an Olympic Gold Medal, but whether or not you are professional or amateur, it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, we humans have a few things in common with each other and they are a brain, a mind and a body. These can work for us, and against us. I can help you take things to the next level and build your confidence by training your brain, mind and body to work in harmony. Needless to say I don’t pretend to know as much as you do about all of the subtle techniques and skills involved in your game, and neither do I have to. Using powerful therapeutic techniques I can significantly help you to learn, absorb, and apply specific mental and emotional visualisation techniques deep into your subconscious mind relevant to your sport to enhance the positive dynamics and detailed aspects of your performance.

Just because someone naturally excels at their chosen sport does not automatically guarantee them being the very best there is. The people who do reach the very top do so because they possess the physical and technical skills plus the right attitude of mind, no more so than when there is huge pressure and expectations on the big occasions. We’ve all seen even some of the very best sports men and women play perfectly during their practice and warm-up, but then just at the crucial moment, they tense up, doubt creeps in and  they don’t perform anywhere near their best, because they are distracted by one of many possiblilities. It may be a careless mistake, an unjust decision by the referee, the pressure of the day or indeed the prize of the occasion.  But the true champion remains focused in the ‘present moment’, and is neither distracted by anything from the past  nor the future yet to come.

Katie Cox

Member of The
Great Britain
 Shooting Team

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“Champions aren’t made in the gym. They are made of something they have deep inside of them”

 Muhammad Ali

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