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Due to so many different devices now being used such as ipads, android tablets and smartphones etc,  this can sometimes prevent access to some media content such as youtube videos linked from websites.
I have included links below which should work on all devices.

Use this page as an alternative method for accessing youtube videos on this site.
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From Home Page

A Client’s own experience of Hypnotherapy

BBC report on EFT

From Quit smoking page

Government anti-smoking advertisement 2013

Lung cancer surgery

From Anxiety & Stress page

Toxic Stress derails development in children

PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)

From EFT & Matrix reimprinting page

Using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting to clear phobia of frogs with Karl Dawson

From Hypnosis page

Brain wiring

From Beliefs page

Stanford University placebo demonstration

The Strange Powers of the placebo effect

Ben Goldacre Doctor and author of ‘Bad Science’ talks of the placebo effect

The magic of the placebo effect