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When you change the way think about yourself, you change the way you feel about yourself.

Change the way you behave and let your body steadily and naturally respond to your new belief system!

Weight Management  

Weight management is all about a commitment to creating a very real and sustainable change in your thinking process to help you commit to important new patterns of discipline and motivation into your daily life to reach and keep your optimum weight without feeling deprived of food or the need to turn to food for comfort. Every action without exception starts with a thought, so that’s why the mindset has to be primed and trimmed to enable the body to become trimmed as well!! Think about that for a moment. This shift in attitude enables massive positive changes in both self perception and of course, eating patterns. The process I use is not primarily ‘diet’ based in the conventional sense. It is based upon changing the whole approach and approach towards yourself, and your attitude towards your current and future outlook and of course, your eating habits. Reaching your optimum target weight also requires a sensible and realistic amount of time for those changed habits to be accomplished. But the most important thing first of all is that it requires you to have a real desire to change. In other words, a clear intention. With this desire in place, the hypnotherapy can significantly reinforce that desire and help to encourage continued determination to reach and maintain your optimum weight. With my help we can work together to enable this whole process to be both  a very positive & very enjoyable experience. Throughout the hypnotherapy sessions we work together to deal with those important underlying core emotional issues and negative beliefs that in the vast majority of cases are the most significant barrier getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

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